Join the growing list of successful retailers

Open your store up to a whole new world of possibility and online shoppers.

If they trust GrocerySpot,
you can too...

If they trust GrocerySpot,
you can too...

Nurturing A Partnership Where Your Success Is Our Success!

Increse In Your Annual Revenue

By launching their store online and reaching more customers, our retailers see a natural increase in revenue.

Increase In Average Basket Spend

Those who use the GrocerySpot platform with home delivery spend more, compared to retailer’s in-store.

Increas In Weekly Transactions

Attracting new customers that were previously out-of-reach, increasing the number of transactions significantly.

GrocerySpot attracts new customers and gets them ordering on the app with amazing benefits.

Customer Benifits

Retailer Benifits

All these and more benefits are available to our GrocerySpot retailers when they integrate GrocerySpot into their store’s and their communities.

We look forward to working with you and helping you grow!